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Leading a major organisation today requires a vastly different skillset and mindset from when Management was first published in 1955. And in another 69 years leaders will undoubtedly see more seismic shifts in both how they want to lead and how others want to be led.

Focused on established business leaders, Management provides forward-thinking trends, key issues, and best practices to help them navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape. Management is committed to delivering high-quality content, including in-depth articles, interviews, profiles and expert opinions so that these professionals can understand complex business challenges and identify future opportunities.

Management magazine is specifically targeted at New Zealand’s senior business decision-makers and leaders within the corporate sector, large government organisations and in the not-for-profit arena. The magazine is aimed at leaders who hold senior positions in New Zealand’s largest companies and organisations across all industry sectors. We tackle critical leadership, management and economic issues and highlight global trends that are likely to impact in New Zealand leaders, providing best practice advice on every aspect of leading a company.

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